Learn to Market Like the Big Guys

Budweiser, Coke, Google, and T-Mobile. These are just a few of the large companies out there running large marketing campaigns. And there is a lot we can learn from their different techniques. To apply to our own businesses. These companies got to the top and stayed there because of their marketing department. Here is a list of things we can learn from the Big Guys


Marketing is first and foremost a way to make the public aware that you’re out there and open for business. Because they can’t buy from you if they don’t even know your there. What your doing is letting the world know that you’re an option in the market place and they should choose you. When you do your marketing the first thing you need to do is tell people who you are and what you do. There’s many pointless add campaigns where there’s a ditsy commercial the company logo flashes that nobody’s heard of then it’s done. We’re then left sitting there thinking I’ve never heard of them and I don’t even know what they do. This is what we want to avoid. Humans have a very short attention span so we need to give them all the pertinent information in at least 3 seconds. This is who we are and what we do

Now with a big company like coke 99% of the entire world knows and has had a classic coke. Whenever they do their advertisements they pour a drink to some catchy music and flash the logo. And everybody suddenly wants a coke. This was only made possible from years and years of telling people about their product and being good at it. Well, what about those of us just starting out? Let’s look at Google Home. Now Google had a huge multimillion dollar budget to push this new product but let’s talk about the method. The google home was a new device that tGoogleket really hadn’t embraced yet. They were just fine before these home devices came around. Google Realized this and amped up their marketing campaign. They first had to educate the population about. What this new product is. They did this by showing users asking Google home questions, turning off the lights with Google, and controlling their T.V. With Google. They were raising awareness by educating the masses on what their product was who was selling it and why they needed to buy it. We have to do the same thing. We must educate the masses on not only our products but who we are. Never assume that people will guess what it is you do and sell.

Market on Emotion

This is what makes or breaks an ad campaign. We want our customers to connect with us and feel passionate about our products. We do this through emotion. Now emotions come in all sorts of different flavors. Excitement, Love, Sorrow, funniness. All good marketers know and utilize this. One of the most powerful Budweiser commercials out there was when. They had the horses and coach pull into a field overlooking New York City. They stop and all the horses bow their heads and slightly kneel. Then the screen said remembering 9/11 then they flashed the Budweiser logo. You can Click on the Link Here What a powerful ad! They tapped into the emotions everyone was feeling at that time and it touched the hearts of every American who watched it in a very tasteful way. This is one of the hardest emotions to market on but. When done right it can be very effective. The most popular emotion is humor. We all know the ads out there that make us roll on the floor and laugh. They’re enjoyable to watch and we always talk about them after with our friends and family. Campaigns that are super bland are easy to forget and the audience doesn’t feel a connection to the product. They will always choose the product they connect with regardless of price.

Market Smarter not Harder

Let’s talk about one of the smartest ad Campaigns of all time. PooPourri. The only money spent was on their commercial Here. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend you do. It’s quite a gem. That was it they just made the commercial and stuck it on YouTube. Well it became an instant hit and everybody was sharing it on their social media and showing it to their co-workers. Poopouri spread like wild fire overnight and orders started lining up. Their product was revolutionary and would take a lot time and money to educate everyone on what it was just like our google home example. Instead they created a funny ad that was well done and let the masses do the educating themselves. You don’t have to run a multi-million-dollar ad campaign to be successful. You just have to be smart and tasteful.

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