Different, Better, and Special. How to Improve Your Marketing

Making your Brand Pop

One of the greatest lessons I learned from a former Coca-Cola Marketer was these three words.

Different, Better, and Special.

That’s all you really need to put into your product. The rest is just telling people why your product is that way. Let’s use a common example. Pizza. Everyone knows pizza. It’s essentially the same thing. Crust with tomato sauce, then cheese, pepperoni, and other toppings. So why do some places do very well and others fail? It all boils down to “different, better, special.” Anyone can make a pizza. The ones that do well do more than that. For example, if I want to order a pizza online just the way I want it and have it ready when I pick it up I go to dominoes. If I want a cheap $5 Pizza that’s already cooked I go to Little Ceasers. If I want a fresh pizza that’s not in a box I go to Papa Murphy’s.  If I want to have a little fancier pizza I go to Pizza Hut. These places are super popular because they are different better and special. You can go to any of these places and get a good pizza. You choose which place you want to eat because of what else is offered in the deal.

Market your Uniqueness.

Now that we have a product that is different, better, and special we can Market that. Going back to the pizza example we can see they do just that in their commercials. Dominoes always shows their online ordering feature plus whatever new feature their adding this month. Pizza Hut shows some new fancy pizza that tastes better than last month’s special pizza and so on. This is why your black and white pizza shops can’t compete. They’re just selling pizza and that isn’t good enough to compete with all the other pizza shops out there.

Now there are a million different ways to be different, better, and special. And it all depends on your product. A simple way to find your different, better, and special point. Is to ask for suggestions. Interact with your customers. Ask What do you really want your experience to be like. Sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes the customer may not even know they would rather order a pizza online. Sometimes you must innovate and tell the customer this is what you want. A good example of this is Amazon. Amazon is always creating new and exciting things. Recently they came out with the Amazon Echo and told customers that this is what they want. A talking black box that buys me stuff is a new idea and a lot of customers were hesitant at first but then grew to realize hey I do like this feature.

Always keep a unique edge on the competition

Let’s go back to our Amazon example because they are always good at being unique. Look at their history. They were one of the first to sell books online. The first to offer free two-day shipping. The first to create a voice activating ordering robot with attitude named Alexa. They keep coming up and creating new ways to buy things online. They know that if someone is doing something better than what they’re doing they’ll lose customers.

Don’t be a Blockbuster

I’m not talking about a term for a popular movie. I’m talking about the company. As a smart business owner, you always have to be keeping the edge on the competition. Amazon has been a great example of this. But let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum with Blockbuster. Well for those who don’t know in the old days you use to have to go to the store and rent a movie if you wanted to watch it. Blockbuster was the largest video rental store in the U.S. The funny thing is a small company went to Blockbuster to pitch their idea for an online streaming service. This company was called Netflix. Well, Blockbuster said no our customers wouldn’t want that. They weren’t being different, better, and special. They like the way things had been done for years. Well, Netflix exploded. They were the only ones who were offering this service. This completely wiped out Blockbuster and all because of one bad decision to stay the same.

Give the people what they want

People want bigger better faster stronger products and services. And they will go to whichever company is offering the best. Once we find out what our customers really want from us we should do everything in our power to meet their expectations. All too often people start businesses to have their business serve them. But they will never be successful until they realized that the business is there to serve the customers first and foremost before you gain any profits.


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