Money Isn’t Everything… Or Is It?

Back when I was a student I had this professor who was a big real estate tycoon. The class mostly consisted of the students asking him a lot of questions about business and life. One day my professor taught us a life lesson he learned. When he was a teenager his father took him to the new york stock exchange to have him learn a thing or two. One of the traders looked down saw the young man and gave him this advice.

Money isn’t everything…. It’s also 2% health

Which makes sense you can’t enjoy or make money if you’re not healthy. However, I thought about it some more and realized how much our lives revolve around money. Now every wife out there will tell you that family is more important than money. However, money is the number one reason for divorce. Why is that? Looking at those around me there are 3 ways money can impact your personal life and relationships.

  1. Not Making Enough Money – We all know this is true but we see it too often. If the breadwinner of the family cannot support his (or her) family financially they are considered a deadbeat and all the moms tell their daughters not to marry someone like that. (Most of the time this is the responsibility of the man/husband but it’s 2018 so however your family works)
  2.  Not Managing Your Money Correctly – Congrates you are not a deadbeat you just can’t manage your finances. And this is the case for most Americans because the majority of us have overwhelming debt and spend too much on stupid things. This can lead to frustrations in a relationship because someone blew the vacation fund on something stupid or racked up so much debt that your entire paycheck is gone on payday to pay for past mistakes
  3. Giving Up to Much to Make Money – Notice I didn’t write to make too much money. That’s not the problem. The problem is if you are doing illegal activities to make your green. Or spending to much time making your green to not have meaningful relationships or enjoy your success. It’s not worth it.

The important thing is Balance. This is a life principle you have to master to be successful. As I have gotten older I’ve realized life is a giant balancing game. Too much of one thing is bad to little is also bad. In everything, there is a sweet spot or balancing point where harmony and peace can exist. If you ever feel like your life is out of balance. Sit down, Self Reflect, and decide what changes need to be made in your life. I’ll give you one example. Recently video games addictions has become a diagnosable disorder. People will literally skip work just to play in a virtual world. People have actually died from spending too much time playing. Am I saying our youth shouldn’t play video games? No. because they can be used to play with friends and have fun. But only if they have a healthy balance. But, All too often we see unbalance which can lead to anger. Loneliness, and even Death! This is the same for things like Alcohol, Our Career, even family relationships.

I hope you can find balance and happiness in your life. I hope to help each of you by finding a way to find success in your life without losing balance so you can spend time with your family and do the things you want to do. Is Money everything? That’s debatable. Is balance everything? Yes. and once you understand that life principle you can become successful and be happy.




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